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About Flyaway Productions

1068 Bowdoin Street, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone: 415.672.4111
E-mail: jo@flyawayproductions.com


PERFORM off-the-ground dances that expose the range and power of female physicality. We experiment with height, speed and gravity, and dancing on steel objects that are both architectural and fabricated. We dance at the intersection of social justice and acrobatic spectacle. We dance anywhere from two feet to one hundred feet off the ground. We offer performance as a medium for social commentary and choose projects that advance female empowerment in the public realm. At its core, our work explores the female body–its tumultuous expressions of strength and fragility.

TEACH a signature style of apparatus-based dance. We offer year round classes to adults, teens and youth. We offer GIRLFLY, a Youth Art & Activism Program, integrating dance-making and activism. Our training with youth offers some remedy for the ways women and girls remain underserved in public culture as a whole. We also offer KIDFLY school residencies that link social justice content, school curriculum and movement innovation, where your young artists are our collaborators.

ADVOCATE and provide a bridge between women in the arts and civic life. We are constantly developing new forms for community engagement and coalition building with activists and non-arts partners.



On a three-story fire escape, a hanging umbrella, an oversized scale of justice, a circling merry-go-round, suspended containers of salt, a university library, a chandelier on fire, a live billboard, a bridge replica, and on 100 foot city walls. We have also made dances for rooftops, an active construction site and the last remaining hand-operated crane on San Francisco’s waterfront. Our work is typically free and engages a wide spectrum of the public who do not come into theaters.

Our work has been presented by:
  • San Francisco State University
  • The Aerial Festival by ZACCHO Dance Theatre in San Francisco
  • Dancers’ Group/ON SITE in San Francisco
  • Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco
  • ODC Theater in San Francisco
  • The International Aerial Festival in Boston, MA
  • The SkyDancers Festival in San Francisco
  • Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ
  • The Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder, CO
  • Sushi Performance Space in San Diego, CA
  • Duke University in Durham, NC



“as strong as they are beautiful to watch” – The San Francisco Bay Guardian
“substance trumps considerable spectacle” – The San Francisco Examiner
“intimidatingly creative” – The San Francisco Chronicle
“consistently inspired”– Bay Area New Group


“a wonder of equilibrium” – The New York Times

Jo Kreiter is a San Francisco-based choreographer with a background in political science. She thrives at the intersection of social justice and acrobatic spectacle. Through dance she engages imagination, physical innovation and the political conflicts we live within. She founded her company, Flyaway Productions, in 1996.

Kreiter/Flyaway is a recipient of four Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, as well as awards from the Center for Cultural Innovation, New Music USA, the Artist Investigator Project of the California Shakespeare Company, CHIME, the NEA, CA Arts Council, Creative Work Fund, Meet the Composer, MAP, the Wattis, Rainin and Gerbode Foundations, the SF Arts Commission, and the SF Bay Guardian GOLDIE. Her articles have been published in Aerial Dance, Contact Quarterly, In Dance, STREET ART San Francisco, and Site Dance — the first book written on contemporary site specific performance. In the 2015 book, “Moving Sites: Investigating Site-Specific Dance Performances”, Jo Kreiter’s work is highlighted in the chapter, “Civic Interventions: Accessing Community” using her work as an example of “the politically-driven work of the experienced and prolific site dance artists”. Kreiter is one of a few women worldwide to have gained expertise in the art of Chinese pole acrobatics.

As well as running her own teaching programs, GIRLFLY and KIDFLY, Kreiter has taught workshops highlighting her unique approach to inverted motion at SF State, Stanford, Duke, Nevada, Sonoma State, Ohio State, and Arizona State Universities, the Colorado Aerial Dance Festival, and the University of San Francisco.

“For 20 years, I have created work from broad notions of art as a catalyst for change. With my company, I create off the ground, site-specific dances because I love dance making where the artistic process is in service of a larger political goal. Site work is the most potent artistic expression I know. It impacts because it unfolds at the very place where a conflict lives. The site itself lends validity to the artistic inquiry, because the site holds a quandary in its “hands,” or in the bricks or I-beams or concrete walls. Sometimes a site holds the possibility of celebration as well.”


  • Kenneth Rainin Foundation three year grant 2016-2018
  • Wattis Grant Award 2016
  • CA Arts Council Awards 1995-2016
  • SF Art Commission Awards 2006-2017
  • Gerbode Foundation Award for Choreography 2012, 2000
  • Center for Cultural Innovation Award 2013
  • Triangle Lab Award from Cal Shakespeare and Intersection for the Arts 2013
  • Choreography Award from the Gerbode Foundation 2012
  • CHIME Award to work with Elizabeth Streb 2012
  • CA Arts Council Creative Public Value Awards 2008-2012
  • NEA Awards for new work 2008-2014
  • Special Recognition Award from TradesWomen, Inc. 2010
  • Isadora Duncan Special Achievement 2010
  • Hewlett Foundation 2008-2010
  • CHIME Award 2008
  • Creative Work Fund Grant 2006
  • Meet the Composer Award 2006
  • Arts Presenters Award 2005
  • MAP Grant 2003
  • San Francisco Arts Commission Public Art Commission 2003
  • Wattis Residency at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 2002
  • California Dancemakers Fellowship 2001
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian GOLDIE Award  2000
  • California Arts Council Artist-in Communities Residency 1995-2000