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Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy

The second in a trilogy of outdoor public art performances addressing the devastating effects of mass incarceration.

It is with a heavy heart we are letting our audiences know that Flyaway will postpone the premiere of Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy until a safer environment exists for our cast and crew.  We had hoped to be able to burst through the sorrow of these pandemic times with a justice-driven piece of public art, but the Covid numbers in San Francisco remain too high. Stay tuned for rescheduling details as we know them.  Many thanks to our community partners at MoAD, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Prison Renaissance, and CounterPulse for ongoing support and investment in the project and in ending mass incarceration.  The show will not go on this fall, but the fight continues.

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A Gravity-Defying Dance for Girls Everywhere

“We need to start believing women, believing that our experiences have value,” says Kreiter. “Belittled, pushed aside and assaulted, all these things that every women goes through, we’ve had enough of that.”

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A Dancer’s Daring Breakthrough

“With her company, Flyaway Productions, she pushes the boundaries of aerial dance by performing in untraditional venues and addressing social justice issues. Her risk-taking performances take place over alleyways and on rooftops, building walls and fire escapes. Jo’s hope is that by communicating a political statement through the spectacle and innovation of aerial dance, she will inspire people to create change.”

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Jo Kreiter’s Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of Flyaway

“Being asked to reflect on 20 years of dance making is daunting. So I have decided to write in the second person. Adrienne Rich, one of my favorite poets and a crucial 20th century political thinker, wrote some of her strongest poems in this narrative voice. I choose to honor her influence on me in this way, with the additional preface that I am truly a Bay Area artist, self- taught and supported by the amazing choreographers who live here, and who have generously allowed me to learn from them.” – Jo Kreiter

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Performance Previews/Reviews/Articles

Flyaway is honored that our dance film THE WAIT ROOM has been officially selected by the following film festivals:
ADF’s Movies by Movers
Bodyscope Dance Film Festival
Dance Camera West
Greensboro Dance Film Festival
LA Dance Film Festival
Phoenix Dance Film Festival
ScreenDance Festival
Thessaloniki Cinedance International
Verve Dance Film Festival

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Download High Resolution Photos Here (Photo Credit: RJ Muna)

Press about TENDER (n.): a person who takes charge – June 2018
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Download High Resolution Photos Here (Photo Credit: RJ Muna)

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Download High Resolution Photos Here (Photo Credit: RJ Muna)

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KALW “Your Call”
KALW “Open Air”

Download High Resolution Photos Here (Photo Credit: RJ Muna)

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Congratulations to Jo Kreiter, Artistic Director of Flyaway, for receiving recognition on Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’
2018 YBCA 100 List!

Flyaway is proud to announce that Artistic Director Jo Kreiter is the first choreographer named as a
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation 2017 Artist as Activist Fellow.
As part of a two-year grant, Jo’s work, along with the other fellows’ work, will encourage people to move beyond awareness and take action on the injustices that mass incarceration causes generations of immigrants and people of color in the United States.

Flyaway is proud to be featured multiple times on:
Life as a Modern Dancer
by Jill Randall
February 2016 – September 2016
Here are two of our favorites:
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Flyaway is featured in an important book called:
SITE DANCE: Choreographers and the Lure of Alternative Spaces
By Melanie Kloetzel and Carolyn Pavlik
March 2011
It’s a great book and the first of its kind!!!
Order a copy at HERE

“Uplift Quotient: Flyaway Builds a Bridge”
In Dance Magazine
by Selby Wynn Schwartz
July 2009
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Women and Labor on Your Call Radio
Host: Rose Aguilar
Guests: Jo Kreiter, Molly Martin and Harvey Schwartz
July 2009
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“Live Billboard Project’s free public performances questions women’s contradictory preoccupation with an aversion to beauty and draw 700-person crowds.”
Bitch Magazine’s “the bitch list”
by Emily Goligoski
Summer 2008
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Interview with Jo Kreiter on
Spark Television
January 2004
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Selected Quotes

“An outspoken feminist with social concerns that particularly impact women, Kreiter is a dance theater maker whose choreography gives us images of physically strong and fearless women whether their stories talk about poverty, discrimination or abuse. In the end you believe that they will survive.”

“The site-specific magic of this piece manifests with daring suspension stunts in starkly designed sets with the sight of ships floating through the San Francisco Bay in the site’s background…there are so many gasp-inducing moments and astonishingly risky moves performed on rafters, fire escapes and large-scale, built-in, site-specific props that you can’t help but lost in amazement.”

“…a beautifully realized, emotionally rich, and thought-stirring set of movements developing the theme of women and industrial labor…”

“Kreiter has built a remarkable work, and she, as well as the women who inspired the piece, deserve our applause and admiration.”

“…intimidatingly creative…”

“…a wonder of equilibrium…”

“Kreiter…has created an evening-length work in which substance trumps considerable spectacle.”

“She (Kreiter) places the gifts of gymnastics and the props of circus arts, such as trapeze, poles and ropes, inside the aesthetic boundaries of the concert stage and liberates often stodgy modern dance by freeing movers from the floor.”

“…she has created a means to fuse the freedom of athleticism with the poetry of fine art.”

“Kreiter’s artful direction pushes the physical feats far beyond spectacle.”

“In TEST, Jo Kreiter used an anchored steel pole, which she climbed and dangles from in an impressive display of strength and agility.”

“Kreiter’s feats of athletic dance are a philosophical assertion. On one level, with their emphasis on upper body strength and embrace of physical risk, they’re a feminist statement, celebrating the potential of the female body… But on another level her choreography affirms the simple sensuousness and communicative power of the human body.”

“…hundreds of spectators watched in fascination as the performers descended into the alley and for a time transformed one of the city’s most despair ridden stretches of asphalt into a celebration of spirit…”
-NORTH MISSION NEWS[/fusion_text]