2018 TENDER (n.): a person who takes charge

2017 The Right to Be Believed

2016 Grace and Delia are Gone

2015 Needles to Thread: Dancing Along These Lines

2014 Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane

2013 Give a Woman a Lift

2012 Niagara Falling

2011 Wall Ball (throw yourself in)

2010 Singing Praises: Dances for the Women’s Building

2009 The Ballad of Polly Ann

2008 Lies You Can Dance To

2006 The Live Billboard Project

2004 The Grim Arithmetic of Water

2002 Mission Wall Dances

2001 Maybe Grief is a Good Bird Flying Low

1999 Copra Dock Dances

1999 The Body project

1997 Sparrow’s End