Youth Programs


Thank you for witnessing our youth artists in GIRLFLY 2018 performances of Acting UP!  Interested in being a part of the GIRLFLY 2019 team? Check back February 2019 for the next round of GIRLFLY Applications.


The 2019 Summer Arts & Activism Project will bring 20 young women from the Bay Area to:

  • Get hands-on experience in aerial and site specific dance
  • Earn $500
  • Create original dances for performance
  • Learn from working with professional dance artists
  • Learn about issues of girls’ empowerment and social justice
  • Conduct an activism project
  • Investigate poetry, journalism, and oral history writing
  • Connect with young women across neighborhoods, schools, ethnicity, and sexual orientation

Choreography by Jo Kreiter, Megan Lowe, and GIRLFLY Youth.


Young women ages 14-19 who are strongly interested in performing, making positive change in the world and can commit to attending the entire 4 weeks of the program. African American, Arab, Latina, Native, Asian and Pacific Islander, low-income, and LGBT-identified women are strongly encouraged to apply. Dance experience is helpful but not required.


The program is 4 weeks long and meets 4 days a week, 4 hours a day. It ends with two performances. Check back in February 2019 for the full GIRLFLY 2019 schedule!


In 2019, the program takes place at Quesada Gardens, in San Francisco’s Bayview Neighborhood.


You can fill out the APPLICATION ONLINE or request one in the mail or over email.

All positions for GIRLFLY 2018 have been filled, and we are no longer accepting applications. Check back in February 2019 for GIRLFLY 2019 Applications! 

Once your complete application is received, we will contact you to set up an in-person interview.


Contact Flyaway Productions at 415.672.4111 or

GIRLFLY 2018: Acting UP

Check out this inspiring video from our GIRLFLY 2018 performances.
Video by: Lala Openi

Photos from GIRLFLY 2018 by: Brechin Flournoy


GIRLFLY 2017: In the Gardens

Check out this inspiring video from our GIRLFLY 2017 performances.

Photos from GIRLFLY 2017 by: Brechin Flournoy



Dance Residencies During School and After School

Fish that Sneak. Boom Bands Billowing. Dancing on the Curve of the Earth.

Flyaway Productions makes dances for kids.  We offer curriculum-based dance residencies in schools and in afterschool programs. Your young artists are our artistic collaborators.  We lead with imagination, dynamic creative movement, and a deep respect for social justice. Our dances are athletic, kinetic, and socially relevant. We work with K-12 students, offering residencies and a final performance by your students.

Past and Present Community Partners

  • Sunnyside Elementary School
  • Mission YMCA
  • ODC School
  • Oasis for Girls
  • CounterPULSE
  • June Jordan School for Equality
  • University of San Francisco
  • Berkeley High School
  • The Marsh Youth Theater

We tailor each residency to your interests and curriculum

Previous Performances:

  • “Where Does the Butterfly Go When it Rains?”
  • “Earth Day Dances”
  • The Disappearing Bees Dance”
  • “Butter Battle Dances”
  • “Dances for Oh the Places You’ll Go”
  • “Rainforest, Dessert, and Ocean Dances”
  • “Balancing on the Curve of the Earth”

Call for A Consultation: 415.672.4111 or