Flyaway’s Equity Statement

Flyaway Productions approaches art-making through both an intersectional and feminist lens. We have built an organization on twin principles of equality and inclusion to confront, and change, society’s gender, race, class, and workplace inequities. We engage artistic practices that disrupt systems of oppression and bring light to injustice. Fueled by artist-as-activist intentions and a dedication to risk-taking, Flyaway is committed to the democratization of public space by following four core practices: 

  • Flyaway builds coalitions with artists, activists, and community-centered organizations around social justice issues. Founded 25 years ago by a white artist, Flyaway rejects white saviorism and chooses working in coalition with historically marginalized and targeted communities.
  • Flyaway is committed to the act of listening and learning to develop effective partnership strategies.
  • Flyaway’s hiring practices favor women, non-white, and non-binary gender identities. Flyaway’s dancers are chosen for skill, regardless of age or body type. Flyaway’s contracts and work culture guarantee a safe workspace, accountability to a culture of care, and equitable pay for all.
  • Flyaway is committed to making free performances in disinvested neighborhoods, relevant to the communities in which the work is made.

This work requires that we remain open, respectful, and aware of our own biases as we confront systemic inequities and refine our strategies to make the world a more equitable place.